Why I Want to Make a Film?

I will make a Film

I will make a Film

I have a good idea or have a good story and I want to make a film with this idea or story. Actually it is not a fact to want to make my film.

Than why I want to make film?

Actually it is my hobby. My hobby is once I will be a director as a successful film. As this cause I am trying to know about films world.

Now, I know something about films world. Please pray for me.

I have seven reason to make a film. Here is this…
1. I have a idea
2. I will write a world wide novel
3. I know how to change a life with a film
4. I know how to inspire to other a film
5. I love films
6. I love work, any one
7. I believe I must make a good film.

I must share my thinking with you. I know I must success and my film must win a Oscar. 😀

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Savin June 12, 2011 at 1:47 pm

You can do it:)…I’m looking forward to this too:)hope can work together with you:)


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