Why I Build Up Film Careers & How much Jobs & Salaries?

Films Career

Films Career

Employees in the film, video, and television industry produce media for many different purposes. Films can entertain, instruct, or inform. In the U.S., the industry is centered in Los Angeles and New York, but the rapid evolution of new technology is making it easier to be an independent filmmaker in almost any location.

It takes many years and a lot of money, ambition, luck, and talent to become a famous producer, director or actor. Fortunately, there are a large number of jobs “below the radar” — from multimedia artists to video editors. A student’s specialty in film school, on-the-job training, and further education opportunities will largely shape his or her career.

There are roughly 361,900 jobs in the motion picture and video industry, including everything from projectionists to directors. Most employees work for the six major studios in the U.S., although studios also contract out employees. Many workers are self-employed.

Working conditions vary as shooting on location can be uncomfortable, dangerous, and very demanding. Shooting in a TV studio under planned conditions is usually pleasant. Directors and producers often work under stress as they try to meet schedules, stay within budget, and resolve personnel and production problems. Editors, writers, and technicians usually work in offices. The stage and sound crews follow the film wherever it’s being shot, and have arguably the most physically strenuous and dangerous jobs.

Part-time and variable shedules are more the norm in film and video than in other industries. In fact, 22 percent of workers have part-time schedules and 14 percent have variable schedules. The average work week is 30 hours.

The industry can be broken down into preproduction, production, and postproduction phases.

Preproduction is the planning phase, and includes budgeting, casting, finding the right location, set and costume design and construction, and scheduling.

Production is when the actual filming is done, involving actors, cinematographers, camera operators, sound engineers, lighting technicians, and animation and multimedia artists

Postproduction includes editing and recording, to shape the film into its final form.

Many jobs, such as producer and director, cover all three areas. For more information on specific careers, see the specialties page.

Salaries and Outlook
The motion picture and video industry is slated for 14% growth through 2018. Competition is strong for the more well-known and high-paying jobs — writers, actors, producers and directors. Better prospects will be open to those skilled in digital technologies, including multimedia artists, animators, and film editors. Small and independent film companies may provide the best opportunities for newcomers.

Earnings vary by type of work, experience, the economy, and many other factors. The average weekly salary of nonsupervisory film and video industry workers is $627. Many workers are in unions, such as the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). Currently, members of SAG earn a minimum daily rate of $782, or $2,713 for a 5-day week, along with additional pay for reruns.

Annual earnings for many actors are low because of competition and intermittent work. Most actors supplement their income with work outside the industry. Some actors are established with salaries, and a few top stars receive astronomical pay.

*Some median average hourly earnings:

* Producers and Directors: $41.30
* Actors: $28.72
* Projectionists: $9.39
* Multimedia artists and animators: $31.54
* Editors: $27.00
* A/V equipment technicians: $18.88

* Rate are not perfect

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