What is Your Favorite Film?

What is Your Favorite Film?

What is Your Favorite Film?

Hello Films lovers !
Do you think, what is your favorite film? Today I am going to say something about my favorite film. If you feel interest, you can disclose your secret film name as a comment below.

Each person propose only one film name. Okay lets go, we try to find out our favorite film name.

Why we have favorite film? Because this is it, what is we like, want. Some one like comedy film, some one like tragedy film, some one like Science Fiction film, some one like Action film etc. Or may be you like Love story type film. Isn’t it? of course this is. 😀

When we watch a film, we try to understand what is the main point that film. After then, we try to understand, what side we like of this film.

I think mine, basically I love comedy and action type film. Now do you guess, what is my best film? Or what is my favorite film?

Don’t understand? Not matter. Of course I will write but some days later. But you first.

So lets go… 😀

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Alice October 30, 2010 at 4:10 am

My Favorite Film is Forrest Gump.


Ema October 30, 2010 at 2:13 pm

I like action and thriller type film. I love all film of James Bond. And my best film is Goldeneye.


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