Various types of Film Camera and Camera Shots

Basically you want a good camera with good focus and exposure. Because without a good camera you never get a good result of your film or movie.
You may know there are various types of camera are available in the day. Some of 16mm some of 35mm or some of digital handy cam. At first you need to make a decision what type of camera you want.

I think you need 35mm film camera.
Do you know there are dozens of dozens types 35mm camera are available? Actually you may have a camera which may take picture. But what is the quality? For this reason you need a good camera.
How to understand, it is a good camera? It is vary of the speed of a camera. It may be 200 speeds to 1600 speed.
Basically a good camera which is speeds is 800. So you must need a camera for your film which is minimum 800 speeds.

Tips & Tricks about Camera

When you will use a film camera you must remember some tips and tricks which are written below.

  • To get a better image or video when filming, turn off the camera’s auto focus.
  • Remember, every camera’s menu is difference.
  • Lighting is the most important thing for better filming. So be careful when you filming.
  • Look your video catching monitor. Try to use color monitor to watch the better position of your film.
  • When you will take video in indoor, use AC mode battery to save your camera and camera’s battery.
  • Save your camera from any liquids.

Camera Shots

Of course there are various types of shots available which is helping you to make a film. Now I am going to write down about camera’s shots.

Master Shot

A shot which is establish a scene like a all of your scenery. Think, you are viewing a scene where many people. Now you are going to catch shot from there, it is a shot call Master shot.

Close up Shot

A shot where you take your scenery from chest to head this is call close up shot.

Medium Close up Shot

When your camera catch a shot of a face this is call Medium shot.

Extreme Close up Shot

When catch a scene only one thing, suppose you catch your heroine’s eyes movement then you need to catch Extreme Close up Shot. These shots are all shot separately. You as the director, have to understand how they are used, and direct the actors and the camera person in achieving them.


A close very tight shot where the two person show from the chest up his or her body. To catch a smile or face movement use this type of shot.

Over the Shoulder Shot

Suppose two people, your film characters talk each other. You may take a shot from one front and another back. Back mean over the shoulder. This shot’s call Over the Shoulder Shot. This you will skillfully combine in the editing to also show the face of the person talking in a medium close-up.

Long Shot

You may need shot from long distance like a flown airplane or a bird which is staying his nest. For this purpose you need Long shot.

This is enough for a filming. But you feel interest you may know more about another articles.

Tips and Tricks about Shots

Here are some tips and tricks about camera’s shots. I think you can follow our tips and tricks to get more benefits.

  • Take shot with very careful. Never move your camera to taking shot.
  • See your crew’s position before taking your shot.
  • Follow your actor and actress real movement before taking your shot.
  • Put your camera’s stand in right position.
  • Look view in your camera to shooting spot without actor and actress.

Wish you good luck !

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