Top 10 Techniques to Making a Good Film

Well come back to my Films Schools.
Now I am going to write Top 10 Techniques for a Good Film in my own eyes and think. I do hope it will be a good help for you if you are a newbie of Film maker, Film Director, Online Film Trainer or Trainee or such as.



So lets go we try to find out which Top 10 Techniques will need for you to make a good film.

01. A Nice Idea

To make a good film of course you need a nice idea. Without a nice and attractive idea you never make a good film. So at first think about your film idea.

02. A Nice Story

Do you think your film story? You can use Story maker to make a attractive and valuable Film story.

03. A Nice Film Script

Have you ready your film script? Who make your script? What type of film you make? Think, think and think. Without a nice film script you never think a good film. I think, if your Film script is a nice and attractive your film making work is over 35% minimum.

04. A Nice Film Team

After getting your film script, now you need a film team where has cameraman, makeup-man, actor-actress, designer, prompter, Lightman, boy, cooker and all of related things.

05. A Nice Location

Where your shooting spot? Are you ready to go there? If you don’t maintain your script and location you never do properly work. So it is the most important work of a film.

06. A Nice Director

A Film Director is a key point of a film. He or she is the most important and valuable person of a film. A good film maker or film director can change and make a good film out of actor and actress. So skilled and wise Film director you must need to make a good film.

07. A Nice Camera

What type of camera you will use for your film? The best is 35 mm camera. But 35 mm film camera is very costly. If you have huge budget then of course you will use 35 mm Film Camera for your film. But it is true, without 35 mm camera film print out put will be not get good.

08. A Nice Budget

Have you budget for your film? How much money serve your Film Producer? Don’t go to shooting spot without get in your full budget from your producer.

09. A Nice Editing Panel

If your film editing group is skilled you will gain to serve a good film. Such as, you take shot for your film good, your actor and actress do good performs, your co-artist and other film crew will do good job but your Video editing panel can lost everything if they do not work properly. So be careful about them.

10. A Nice Marketing System

The last point is Marketing system. A good marketing system can change your all ethics. May be your film is good but without a good marketing it will be destroyed absolutely.

Actually it is the main point to making a good film- you need a Film Crew who will serve you a good film. But you need a manageable power or ability.

Wish you good luck !

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