To Making A Good Film How to Write a Screenplay?

How to Write a Good Screenplay?

How to Write a Good Screenplay?

If you want to make a good film, you must need a good screenplay. For a good screenplay, you must need a good story. For a good story, you must need a good idea. For a good idea, you must need to know about human sense, history, science, tale etc. To know more about human sense, tale, science, history and more you need read read and read.
So we can say, if you read more, you can write a good screenplay. Actually we are trying to know, how to write a good screenplay for a good film. As this reason, we try to find out how to write a screenplay.
Let’s go…!

Need More Read to Write Screenplay

You cannot possibility make a good film without having a good screenplay. So you need to know how to write a good screenplay. Here we try to write about that.
At first, ask me, what type of book you need to read? I will answer to you, no categories need. You read what you get in front of your hand. Read, read and read. May be it will be theatre, novel, thriller, human rights, law, science fiction, feature, essay, rhymes, poem or any one. It’s not a matter. The matter is, have you read or not?

Need Various Experience to Write Screenplay

What type of experience you earn in your full age? How much? I think, your experience not so much, as this reason, you cannot ready to write a good screenplay. So try to establish more experience. Without real experience you cannot success to write any screenplay.

Need a Good Human Sense to Write Screenplay

What is Human Sense? Every writer has some extra ordinary quality. They are various types of, such as, good sentence maker, easy sentence maker, good action maker, good composition or storyteller. But Human Sense is a extra ordinary quality which is need every writers.
You may tell a story, but do you make a small joke?

Need Some Good Idea to Write Screenplay

An idea starts in your head like a tiny seed, and then it sprouts and begins to grow, eventually blossoming into an original screenplay. Yea, this is right. Without idea, you cannot write a story and without a story you never make a screenplay.
Make some good idea and plus some thinking with your idea, once it will be grow as a nice and good screenplay.

Play with dialogue to Write Screenplay

Yea, this is another one techniques to write a good screenplay. Listen more and more dialogue and try to make same one. Good and small dialogue can highlight your screenplay. So it is not unimportant.

Watch Huge Film and Video Program to Write Screenplay

Everyday try to enjoy film. It will be increase your screenplay writing ability day by day. Think you want to create a dialogue with your Hero and Heroin about their love. Watch any successful romantic film and try to find out what is the reason their success. After thinking, if you create your dialogue, I think your dialogue will be great.

Need More and More Practice to Write Screenplay

Practice makes a man perfect. Without practice you never get any success. Practice can give you a successful life. So make more and more practice to write something good.


If you follow my dictation, hope you will be able to write a good and valuable screenplay without any help from others.

Wish you good luck !

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