Three Hot Tips & Tricks for a Film Cameraman

Welcome back to this Films Schools blog one time.
Well friends! Now I am going to write some tips and tricks for a Film Cameraman. As a film cameraman you must need some rules and regulations what is obey to you.
But if you follow my only 3 tips and tricks you must gain in your profession.

Cameraman Tips & Tricks

Cameraman Tips & Tricks

May be you are a good and expert Film Cameraman. But do you know, how to care your camera? And how to become a more expert cameraman? I think you are so much talent. But if you follow some tips and tricks you may get more experience. So you can read this article as a experiment. Hope you can understand what is the duty of you.
So lets go, we try to find out some tips and tricks for you…

1. Before Taking Shot…

  • Before taking shot you must neat and clean your camera, lens and other camera related equipments.
  • Test your Power supply and cables.
  • Take 10 seconds Dummy Shot.

2. When You Taking Shot

  • Put your camera stand in a Plane area.
  • Check Camera’s view area.
  • Listen Directors directions properly.

3. After Taking Shot

  • Plugged out every power supply and cables.
  • Neat and clean your camera properly.
  • Pack up your camera and related equipments very careful.


I have written some tutorial on Camera and for cameraman. If you need more, please write bellow. I try to share my experience with you. It will be increase knowledge. So you may share with your friends.

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praveen December 25, 2011 at 5:12 pm

i want to learn cameraman tricks,lightings and editing help me to learn this things……with regards praveen


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