The Essential Equipment of Making a Short Film

DV Camera

DV Camera

You have a Story. Now you have been converted your story to a screenplay. You may even have a megaphone. But what do you now? Let’s go we try to find out all of work for making a short film.

Mini DV

A Mini DV is the essential camera for a Filmmaker. It’s relatively cheap and produces footage that’s good enough for directors such as Filmy Boy. A better budget choice might be the Sony MCRHC62E, which is available for around $ 700.
For a more multiplex-ready look, the makers of SXSW award-winner Tiny Furniture were worried that distributors might be scared off when they discovered that their film was shot on the Canon 7D DSLR (RRP $2,999.99); ostensibly a stills camera, it has the video capacity to match digital video cameras of 10 times the price.

Still Camera

A still camera is handy for setting up shots and making visual notes. You don’t need anything fancy (a camera phone would do), but for something more fun, get hold of a Nikon Coolpix S1000PJ, which includes an inbuilt projector. The price level is around $ 200.


Although the advent of the low-energy light bulb makes lo-fi lighting more of a challenge, if you can get hold of 200W light bulbs online (cost: between $ 7 and $ 18), you can rig together a basic lighting set-up with a white Chinese lantern and a pole.
Gaffer tape (around $ 5 a roll) is an invaluable asset to any film-maker’s kit: use it to fasten down cables, create actors’ marks and generally hold the set together.
For other on-set jobs, a multicolor is indispensable: try a Leather man or Swiss Army knife.


If you have an Apple Mac, you’ve already got basic editing software – iMovie – although you might think about upgrading to Final Cut Express ($ 229); on a PC, Adobe Premiere Elements ($ 179.99) is a good package for wannabe Walter Murches.

Another Help

With the power of drag and drop and text to speech technology allows you to make simple animations; its crude, but also a fun way to learn the basics of constructing a scene.
If Harvey Weinstein isn’t returning your calls, which lets you to set up an outline of your movie project and encourage friends, family and acquaintances to finance it. They’ll only be charged if you reach your target amount, so pitch hard.
That done assembles a crew at the two biggest marketplaces for free film labor Films Schools dot com.

Some More Information

The Cinema16 collections show short films from great film-makers such as Jean-Luc Godard, Tim Burton, Chris Nolan and Guillermo Del Toro.
There are four compilations: from the US, Britain, Europe and rest of the World ($ 29.99 each).
The Best v Best series showcases work from prize-winning but less well-established directors ($ 42 for the first two volumes).

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