The Common Equipment List for Making a Film

Film Making Equipment List

Film Making Equipment List

To making a film you must need some equipment, such a camera with microphone and some related more equipments.
Do you know the total list name? Don’t know? No problem, I am going to tell about that.

The following is the minimum list of equipment, what will be you need to making a film. Remember! This is the minimum list to start your work but not full list. You can add or remove some list as your requirement.

Okay, now see bellow your equipment list one second.


You must need a Camera with some related equipments, such…
1. Digital Camera
2. Extra Battery of Power Source
3. Some Power Cords (It will long 25 ft and 50 ft)
4. Monitor with Microphone to observe shot
5. Small dry marker board to use as scene marker


Sound is one of the main parts of a film. When you take sound, it will be very carefully. You need some equipment to take sound, its name sound system.
1. 2 or 3 Headphones
2. Digital Audio Tape or DAT
3. Microphones

a. 2 Lapels Mics
b. 1 Shotgun
c. 1 Omni
d. 1 Battery Operated Reporters Mics
e. 1 Directional Mic, which need to operated actor-actress and others

4. Boom
5. For boom and mics to need windshield
6. 1 or 2 rolls Gaffers tape


1. Minimum 3 Lights, where 2 is small and 1 is large
2. 3 Light stands
3. Some power cords ( It will be long 25 ft and 50 ft)
4. White bounce cords
5. Gauzy Materials for Diffuser
6. Small, Medium and Large Binder Clips
7. Need Stands to Diffuser

This is the full list of Film Making equipments list. When you go to shooting spot to take short to making a film, you must need the full list of equipments above. You can start your shooting, when you get the full list of above.

And it is the done! Wish you good luck

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Lighting August 2, 2010 at 11:12 pm

by Kyle Cassidy When one shot flows into another seemingly seamlessly, you’ve got the makings of good shot composition. Lighting


adegbulugbe adeniyi mayowa January 22, 2012 at 1:39 am

please i want to get some filmmaking equipment at fearly uses,how can i go about it sir?


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