Short Note of Film Making : Must need to know of a Director

Shot Note of Film

Shot Note of Film

When a director going to make a film, he or she must know about short note of films language.
They are many of short notes, but some are very important. Like TAKE. Take is a short note which knows every director and actor-actress.

What is the mean of TAKE? And where use this note?

Okay, I am going to tell about that and some more…

Take means to get a single short of a film by camera.

Shot is the first and main element of a film. Which length is a film’s from On to Cut. But if you get some take serially one by one, it’s not a shot. But if you on going to get Take one by one and not stop without Cut then it is shot.

OK Shot
After taking a shot, a director makes a decision about this shot. When director said, the shot is right its call OK Shot.

Enzi Shot
A director when make decision, this shot is not ok, this calls Enzi Shot.

From one shot to go to another shot is calls Cut.

Parallel Cutting
When some shot cut part by part and editing, this calls Parallel Cutting. At first Director Mr. Griffith use Parallel Cutting in his film Adventure of Dolly in 1908.

Before take a shot, director must take a rehearsal from actor and actress. This calls Monitor.

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