Sara Zaker : Comfortable in All Identities

Prominent Person Sara Zaker

Prominent Person Sara Zaker

Discovers the numerous awe-inspiring skills of Sara Zaker

Actor, theater activist, social activist and entrepreneur; the lady has no many identities that sometimes they exasperate her.

‘When people come and want to have a chat with me, they don’t understand with which identity of mine they should start talking to,’ says Sara Zaker, one of television’s and theater’s most popular and dedicated artists, who drew attention with her role in dramas such as Ayomoy, Nakhotrer Raat, Baki Itihash, Shoto Manusher Khojey and Hamlet.

‘It really annoys me but I try to take it in a positive way, that when faced with any opportunity to do something good in any sector, I’ve always taken it,’ she adds.

Sara’s service-holder father and school teacher mother were both bookworms who inspired their children to read. ‘One of my brothers used to start reading dictionaries when he ran out of books,’ loughs Sara.
Brought up in a joint family at her paternal grandparent’s house, she and her cousins created a cultural group called Khela Ghor where they used to choreograph different songs with their innovative ideas.
‘I was very fascinated with dancing and always wanted to dance on stage. Although my secret dream was never realized, I still do not have any regrets,’ she says.

During the sixties, Bengali families were very conscious about their children cultural activities and Sara’s parents were no different. She went to a music school like Chhayanaut and her elder brother was also involved in theater.

After the liberation war, a new awakening came in theaters. As Sara’s brother was theater activist and she was an admirer of her brother, when she got the chance to join Nagarik Natya Sampraday she never gave it a second thought.

‘Dr. Nalia Khan was involved with Nagarik at that time. They were our family friends and her parents persuaded my parents,’ recalls Sara.

Her theater career began with Badal Sarker’s Baki Itihas. That was 1973 and till 2000 she has worked for Nagarik incessantly. Reminiscing her theater days she says, ‘someone was so astonished by seeing me act in a double role in Shoto Manusher Khojey that he gave me 50 paisa.’

When Nagarik’s dramas were highly appreciated, people like Abdullah al Mamun and Mustafa Monwar asked them to do the same dramas for television. And that’s how her television career began. ‘I had never thought that I would work in the media, but it just so happened,’ says Sara.

In the television drama Ayomoy, Sara became so popular that she recollects how her fans reacted when they saw her at shopping malls. ‘Onece we had gone for some shopping at Banglabazar as we were going abroad and my friend was sitting outside the microbus while my daughter and I were inside,’ she remembers.
‘Suddenly people saw us and they started pushing the microbus back and forth. That day I really got scared,’ she shares.

Despite acting in parallel cinemas like Emiler Goyenda Bahini and Antor Jatra, she does not consider her film career as rich as her theater career. ‘Now, when I look back at my film career, I fell like I should have taken it more seriously,’ she says.

Currently, she is occupied with Sisimpur, working as the project head. A drama serial called Shopnojatra, of 13 episodes, is also going to be aired on BTV, which has been conceptualized by her.

‘The drama serial is about the life middle class families led at the time of the liberation war,’ shares Sara. She is also related with Liberation War Museum’s outreach program for children. Cooking shows like Siddika Kabir’s Recipe, R Ranna and Radhuni Ranna Ghor, all conceptualized by her, are currently being aired on channel’s like NTV, RTV and Desh TV, respectively.

Sara Zaker is married to prominent actor Ali Zaker. Their son Iresh Zaker is also an actor and while daughter Sriya is working at Asiatic, the advertising agency, along with her father, mother and brother. Iresh and Sriya, also, has a show on ABC Radio where they are the radio jockey (RJ)s.

When Sara was asked how she manages time for her family despite having a tight schedule, she laughs and says, ‘my family should give me time now.’ ‘As we all work in the same place, we are always in touch,’ she adds.

In her spare time she likes to read books and listen to music.’ Henrick Ibsen, Harold Pinter, Jhumpa Lahiri, Bhariti Bukharjee and Amit Chowdhury are among her favorites. ‘I love to read these people because I can relate to their tests,’ she says. She also loves to listen to Shaan, Ram Kumar, Paban Das Baul, Manna Dey, Anusheh, Arnab and Shahana Bajpai.

‘My work is my future and maybe someday I’ll just direct and act and nothing more than that,’ says Sara. when asked abut her future plans.

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