Kind of Filmmaking : Traditional and Digital

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Now I am going to writing about kind of filmmaking. Lets go we try to find out some unknown tricks, tips and definition of filmmaking.
Today you can make your film in different ways. You can select analog video or digital video, high definition which is call HD, digital files or a traditional film camera using super-8 or 16mm film or the select of studio productions 35mm motion picture film stock.

Traditional or Analog Film

They are several types of film is traditional or analog. Here I am going to writing writing about traditional or Analog film.

What is Super-8?

Super-8 is supply introductory format for the starting filmmaker, permitting the user to use celluloid film stock, improve it and even physically cut it. super -8 is half the width of 16mm and less than 1/5 the width of 35mm and thus is grainier and not a professional medium- unless you are going for this type of picture quality. gritty music videos,documentaries and home films are suitable for super-8.

What is 16mm Film?

16mm is suitable for television program. it produces a grainier image some tv shows like3 Tales from the Darkside were shot on 16mm.

What is 35mm Film?

35mm is the best than super-8 and 16mm.the official format of select for most television shows and feature films is 35mm which projects extremely well when blown up onto a theater screen and exhibits pristine picture quality when transferred to the smaller television screen.

Modern or Digital Film

This time for Digital way. So it is better if you make your film with digital way. Now like to know about digital or modern way.
At present age of digital technology age, so you want to make your film easiest way. If you have computer and video camera, you can make a film nicely. You can buy or rent a 24-frame advancing digital camcorder (like the Panasonic AG-DVX-100B) that emulates the look of motion picture film, without incurring the cost of expensive film stock and an expensive motion picture camera. If you have less money, you can make your film using a High definition or HD (like the Panasonic AG-HVX 200 or Sony PMW-EX1) camera that uses memory cards to store your footage.

Standard Digital Film

If you have not digital cameras, you can use computer with filmmaking software, that takes a harsh video image make with an inexpensive home camcorder. Many new computers come preloaded with free editing studio. You will see more information on the technical aspects of capturing digital footage to your computer, then editing and sharing your work in digital video.

High Definition or HD Digital Film

High Definition or HD is the new-age technology. This technology takes the picture which is much sharper, richer and closer to the human eyes. Watching HD is like looking through a window- the picture seems to breath, The new HD digital cinema cameras combine HD technology with 24-frame advancing technology to emulate a unique film- like picture quality in an electronic file format, without the use of physical film.

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