I Want To Be a Filmmaker : What Type of Filmmaker?

Analog 35mm Film

Analog 35mm Film

In the world, Film is a powerful medium. If you have a Powerful Film Team with a nice screenplay, you can start to make a film. To make a successful Film, you must need a nice story as a screenplay.
As a Filmmaker, you have some extra quality, such as to affect people’s emotions, make them something differently, good idea and much more.

May be, you want to be a Filmmaker. But do you know, what is the best position? Or How it possible? Actually it is not a easy way, but if you can take some nice decision with a valuable time tracker you must gain. I mean of course you will be a successful Filmmaker.

So lets go, we try to find out what is the time tracker and decision of you?

What type of Film You want to Direct?

Yea, they are several type of film are available. You must have a decision, what type of film you want to Direct? It is the very important subject. Because without take decision, you cannot take a right decision to go to your aim. So you must have a this decision to start your work.
So, at first we try to understand and try to know, what type of Film are available now?

What type Film : Traditional or Digital?

In this time, You can make your film in several different formats. You have option, what type of Film you want to make, you can choose Anaglog or Digital Video, High Definition (HD) digital files or a Traditional film Camera. You can choose Super-8 or 16mm film or 35mm.

What is Super-8 Film?

If you are newbie as a filmmaker, you need Super-8, because Super-8 is an affordable introductory format for the Newbie Filmmaker. The Super-8 is half the width of 16mm film and less than 1/5 the width of 35mm. And those are not professional medium. Generally Super-8 is use in Music Video, Documentaries and Home make film.

What is 16mm Film?

If you want to Make a quality Film such as TV Shows or like them, you can use 16mm picture. Because, 16mm can produce adequate picture quality for your final product. Or If projected in a theater, 16mm produces a grainier image.
To make little TV Shows, Drama, or Tele-film you can use 16mm Film.

What is 35mm Film?

The Professional format of film is 35mm. If you want to make a real film, you must need 35mm Film. Because 35mm film give you all type of output to you. May be your film display in Cinema hall or in a little TV Screen. No problem, 35mm film can give you all type of facility. And of course your film will be a quality film and you can take all type of shoot with 35mm film.

Off Topic
I have been discus about Analog Film. But if you want to make your film in Digital format you need to know about Digital format. So lets go, we try to find out some information about Digital Film.

Digital Camcorder High Definition Camera

Digital Camcorder High Definition Camera

What is Digital Standard and High Definition

In this age of Digital Technology age. Now you can make a film with your computer to use your video camera. And it is not dream- real. Is it possible? Possible, because, Digital Video camera give you some extra facilities, such as you not need to Develop your Film. Because Digital Camera catch your Video in a Memory Card, which can supply the Video direct your computer.

Two type of Digital Camera available now, one is Standard like Panasonic AGHVX200, which another name is Camcorder. And another Digital Camera is High Definition or HD.
Now you can choose your way, what type of Digital camera you want.


Now, ask yourself, what type of Film you use? You can use Analog or Digital. You can sue Super-8 Film, 16mm Film or 35mm Film if you use Analog. Or you can choose Standard Digital Camera or High Definition (HD) to make a Digital High quality Film.

Choice your, Guide you Films Schools !
Wish you good luck !!!

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