How to Shoot Good Lighting for a Good Film?

Lighting in Film Making

Lighting in Film Making

Light! Camera!! Action!!! 😀
Yea, this tune is very known us. No one director, who never use this tune in shooting time.

Light is the very important subject to shooting any sequence. Without light never take a shot.
May be light is natural or electricity. Famous and Oscar awarded film director Sattyajit Roy was make her some films with natural light, such as Pother Panchalee (Song of the Little Road), Apur Songsar (The World of Apu) etc.

Why the light use in Film

Because you don’t take shot in camera without light. Or we can say, without light all is dark. So display the scene in video camera need to use light.
They have a scale, to use light in taking shot. You never use light more or less. It will be necessary as you need.
Sometimes you may need night environment or horror environment or such one. How to create this environment? Then you need to use light to create this environment.

How to proper use the Light?

To make a good film, you must need to know the proper use the light. If you can use the light in proper way, you must gain. As these reason, Mr. Sattyajit Roy use the natural light mean sunlight in his film.
Now the question is, how to proper use the light? As a film director, you must know how to use light but if you are newbie in film line, you must need to know advance light use. If you have good idea you can do this job.
Example, you create a horror scene for your film. You need light and music for this environment. How to proper way to create this environment?
Just use a shadow black and white light (29%). Through this light via window to door. This light effect to door and it will be seen under the door. There you see a blood flow… Through a red light shadow over the blood.
It is horror scenes which will be make a heart throb system with music.


Light is the one main fact of a film. To make a good film, you must know, how to proper use light. Every Filmmaker need to know the proper use of light.

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Vincent paxyz June 8, 2011 at 6:16 am

I enjoy the lesson. Pls kindly send me an e-book on lighting advance. Thanks GOD bless u.


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