How to Shoot a Scene for a Film?

Hi Filmmakers!
Now I am going to write about how to shoot a scene for a film. Suppose you have a script with your actors and all equipment of taking shot. And you are the director of this film.
So we may go to shoot the scene for a film.

Here, I am going to write this topic as a point by point. Hope you can understand properly. If you make any question, no feel hesitation. Just put your question bellow. I will answer you as my ability.

So friends lets go…

How to Shoot a Scene for a Film?

How to Shoot a Scene for a Film?

  • Take your script and call your actors.
  • Give the script to your actors and tell to read loudly.
  • When they have finished the script talk to them about the script.
  • After hearing there review, make decide what they understand.
  • Now, explain your plan. What you want from your actors. Explain clearly and loudly.
  • Give some times to make some rehearse with this script.
  • After rehearse call them with your cameraman and all of your crew of film.
  • Now discuss details what you want from them.
  • Makeup-man call, Lighting check, Sound check, Props Check, scenery check and all of others check as a director.
  • Now change your location. You go to near the camera. Explain again to your Cameraman.
  • Look one second again all of things. Now sound… Light… Camera… Action… !
  • Look up in the eye-display.
  • If your actors is celebrity you may save time and energy. Because they have more and more experience. But if newcomer you may need more cost and time.
  • Never make a tension when you take shot or make a scene.
  • Once take shot will finish.
  • You are done!

Tips and Tricks

  • Never go to take shot without satisfied rehearse.
  • If possible, rehearse has been done before taking shot.
  • Never make any rough behave with your film crew.
  • For a better shooting, try to understand your film crew and basically your actors and cameraman.
  • Your thinking share with your actors and your Assistant. It will be help for you to taking a good scene.

Wish you good luck!

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ely June 20, 2011 at 6:40 pm

i need tutorials on other crew works like continuity, props and set man,make and costumier


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