How to Ready My Film Crew?

How to Organize a Film Crew?

How to Organize a Film Crew?

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So far we have written about How to Financing for Film, How to Planned my Film and much more. Not it is time to write about Film Crew. So I am going to write about Film Crew.

What is Film Crew?

To making a film you need some peoples like a Film Director, a Film Producer, A Scriptwriter, a Cameraman and much more. When all people work for a film it is a team, this call Film Crew.

How to Ready a Film Crew?

It is not tough to ready a Film Crew for your film making. First we will meet the people and put our hands on the camera and tape or film we will tell our story with.

We need some people to make a Film Crew. It is carry on your film crew, what type of film you will ready to make.

Following are the members who make up a film crew. Think, you not need to more people to make a good film. But if you like to make your film without any film with easy way you must choice your film very carefully.

Now I am going to write about all members of a Film Crew.


Director is like a God of a Film. Director runs all works on the set. He tells to every person of film crew what to do. Actually without direction no one can be work for a film.

Assistant Director

Help to director need some person who known as Assistant director. Assistant director have single or more. Actually Assistant director like a right hand every director.


To making a film you must need money. But who will pay you? Who pay your film making cost, he is producer. Without a producer you never make a film. So it is very important for your film.

Line Producer

Keeps the logistics of the show running on the set.


So far we have written How to write a Screenplay. For a good film you must need a good and valuable screenplay. So scriptwriter is very important person in a Film Crew.

Director of Photographer

Who save photo for your film he is Director of Photographer. Director of Photographer’s short name is DP. Along with the director and writer, the DP is probably the most important person in any film.


In the another meaning is A Director of Photographer and a Cameraman is same person. And a cameraman is a very important person in every Film Crew.


When you finished your work from shooting spot you need to add music, dobbing and much more work. This call Film Editing. To film editing need a film editor. Film Editor can add visual and more nice work.

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