How To Make A Film (Video Exercise Part)?

Video Exercise to Making Film

Video Exercise to Making Film

Today, I am going to write another part of log book of Film Making. Now I am writing about Video Camera. I wrote some tutorial about Camera Shot but today I am going to write, how to use and exercise with camera.

When you take a short with your video camera, of course you point some quotes in your Daily Film Making Log Book.
The quotes is-

  • Number of Tapes Shot:
  • Length of Edited Version:
  • Showed the Finished Tape to:
  • The Reaction Was:

You must this quote in your daily log book with very carefully. It will be need when you going to finished your shooting.

Okay, Video Exercise is very important for a Cameraman and a Film Director. So if you must need to know about this part as a Cameraman or a Film Director.
This video exercise will be give you a good result. Now the question is, how to start this exercise.
At first, take a camera and go to outside. And doing some works step by step which I describe below…

  • Record a part of video. Just three to five minutes, no more. And it will be everyday and of course quote in your daily Film Making log book.
  • Never shaking your camera. Firstly, may be you fell in some problem but try to don’t shake camera. Once you will success.
  • When you take something in your camera, your movement stay still. If you don’t do this work, try to do that. Which is catch in your camera, try to understand there viewfinder in your eye with camera’s lance.
  • Now carefully watch your recorded video just one time use some times, no more again.
  • After finishing this work, now edit this video and catch just two minutes.

And now record some quotes in your log book which you done before.

This is your first step of Video Exercise. Now I am going to write second step of video exercise.

Now, you study of characters which characters you catch in your video camera. How to do that?
Actually it is no more industrious, just need some times.

  • Firstly you search your edge shooting spot. Example, a shooting house, or a public park or like one.
  • Record some video in two different side for each character.
  • Edit the video and catch only two minutes for each video.
  • Watch the video and try to understand what is the main different from each one.

Write your work list in your Film Making Daily Log Book.

The video exercise is done. But not totally done. You must need to exercise for everyday. After some days you will see your improvement.

Wish you good luck !

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