How to Make a Film to Using Video Camera?

Well, you want to make a film to use your own handy cam. Actually you can make your film with your video camera without any budget. You can use your video camera as a Film Camera.
In this article I am going to write about this topics part by part as a point.
Now make a decision what type of film you want to make? I think, if you make a documentary film, it is better. Why? Then you don’t need any actor or actress. Let’s go we try to make a film about Christmas day.

Your Equipment List

  • Make a List
  • A Video Camera
  • Collect Some Information about Christmas Day
  • Choose your Shooting Spot
  • Date your shooting time
  • A Computer
  • A Video editor Software
  • Some VCD

Make a List

What to you want? Make your list. How long your video or film and what type of format etc.

  • Duration: 10 minutes long
  • Video Format: Dat/MPEG/Any Video
  • Shooting Time: Day/Night

A Video Camera

What type of video camera you want to use? Have you any video camera? You may use your cellphone’s video capture system. Better if you can use any Handy Cam which has a quality to take shot. Collect your Video Camera. And take some shot as a practical before your main shoot.

Collect Some Information about Christmas Day

You are going to make a documentary film. So you need some information about your subject. Actually if you can collect huge information of course your documentary will be nice and valuable. So try to collect more and huge information about your film topic.

Choose your Shooting Spot

Where you shoot your film? You may select your place before shooting spot. And need some information about your place. Better if you know details about your shooting place. Then you will get more help from there. It is better, if you don’t go any unknown place.

Date your shooting time

When you take your shot? It is better if you select your time before taking shot. And of course you may take your shooting from evening to night. Then you can take your shot day and night. It will fine for your film.

A Computer

After taking shot I mean when your filming will finish you need editing your film. To editing your film you need a Computer.

A Video editor Software

With your computer you need a Video Editing Software to edit your video. Because without Video Editor Software you don’t capture your video from your Video camera to making film.

Some VCD

Once your video editing has been finished. Then you are ready to show your film. If you can nicely filming, editing and add your information in your video, then of course your video will great, nice and attractive.


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