How To Make a Film (Production)?

In the Shooting Place

In the Shooting Place

Yesterday, I wrote about Pre-Production. Today I am going to write about Production. Actually Production section is the main part of this tutorial (How to Make a Film) Series. So I give you a small suggest, read this tutorial with very careful and try to understand what is a Production?

So friends, lets go, we try to find out what is the Production?

When you start to take shot for your films with Camera, then you can say, your production is ready and you are doing productivity work.

Now read and try to understand some keywords which I write bellow. Remember ! every Keywords is a Commands. You need to use this commands in shooting place when will take short by camera.

This commands will be use on the set for clear and fast communication with the crew, the Director & Assistant Director.

  • Roll Sound

The Set design is ready. The Proms is ready. The Light is ready. Cameraman, Actor & Actress and all are ready to take shot.
Then, the Director call for Roll Sound.

  • Roll Camera

Director call to the Cameraman. Then starts the camera equipments. Its means Roll Camera.

  • Mark it

When Director command to Slates for the shot.

  • Action

When Director command this word, the performers to start acting. Means shot taking will be start after this command.

  • Cut

To stop taking shot, Director use this word. Then Stops the operation of the camera and sound.

  • Cut & Hold

Tells everyone to stop their job, but hold everyone in their current position. Because this shot has to be continued in the same place.

  • Pickup

When starts a new shot take from a certain place within the previous shot.

  • Retake

When the Director feel unsatisfied then he or she call for reshots a shot, because the previous one was unsatisfactory.

  • From The Top

When taking a shot starts a scene from the beginning, this call From the Top.

  • Print it

When the Director decide, the shot was accepted and means its okay, that a print can be made from the take.
Print it means all is okay to go the next shot or scene.

Actually, Production area is more elaborate and more complex, but if you manage the all of your crew with very careful, you must gain with very successful.

Wish you good luck !

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raymatata July 17, 2011 at 11:30 pm

can you send me post of how to make afilm for Director


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