How To Make a Film (Pre Production)?

Films Making Preproduction List

Films Making Preproduction List

How to make a film? is a serial tutorial of Films Schools. Before I write about Films Making Log Book, Script Writing Part 1, Script Writing Part 2 (Final), Research etc.
Today I am going to write about Preproduction. Hope you are waiting for this tutorial. And I also ready to give you this tutorial. So I can’t wait, lets go.

What is Preproduction?
Think, your Research is completed, Your Script writing and other work is completed also. Now you are ready to go in shooting spot. But you don’t know, what is the good position and which equipments and etc you need. At this moment you need doing some more works.
As, you need some actor and actress, Crew team, Shooting Spot, Script visualization and much more, it is Preproduction.

So we can say, everything is okay before shooting, this call Preproduction.

Actually when you try to prepare a Film, you will get some problem or schedule working on several things at once. Then you need to organized, how to overcome or ready this things?
You need to write in you Daily Film Making Log Book, on the pages that follow are separate forms for detailing each of this work.

Lets go, I try to disclose, which is the full list of your Preproduction details.

  • Crew

Of course you need a nice working team to make a film. It is the very important subject for every good production. If your working team is not so good, you will be get a lose project in this sector. So, think and choose some extra quality person for your Working team as Crew. May be you think, crew are not important, because you have good actor, actress, ultra modern camera, visualization etc. But, I suggest you, never think that. You can’t believe that, a worker can try to make a nice work for you. So count it.

Actor Actress Select

Select Actor & Actress for your Films

  • Actors-Actress/Cast

Very very important subject. But you can use your head in this sector. Please never work with newbie in your first time. It can be lose project for you, even your work will be good.
So, try to cast your Acting team with minimum known Actor and Actress. It will be a good result for your work and also valuable.
It is the best, select your Actor & Actress list from little known list. It will be save your cost and your work will be fine.

Location or Shooting Place

Location or Shooting Place

  • Location Scouting

Another important Prproduction thing in Films Making sector. Of course you must select your Location to Shooting for your Films as your Films Script requirements. Other wise your films will die before release. In this sector you can use your Photographer to take some photograph before go there. It is the best, if you survey before contact submit shooting spot.

  • Script Visualization

How to see your full film after shooting and editing? How to do that? How to take shot? How to schedule your full work? Every Film Director a nice thinking take her head when he read the script. So also you will be done this work.
Read the script properly more then one time and think, how to visualize the script.

  • Set Design

Where you take shot, means in where the shooting will be done, here need to some work, like proms ready, ready to environment as the script environments.
It is very very important. Because every scenery will be more reliable as your set design. To direction your Crew (worker team) to done the set as your requirements.

  • Costume Design

What is costume? Costume is dress, which is wire actor and actress for shooting. Your Costume Design will be more realistic as your script description.

Makeup for Shooting

Makeup for Shooting

  • Makeup

Makeup is another important Preproduction things in Films Making Sector. So it must be doing with very careful. Think, your actor & actress never like your script character. It will be create with a nice Makeup.
I think, you take a nice Makeupman before in your Worker team. He will be done all type of makeup as your direction.

  • Equipment Rental

You need some Films related equipment for your films shooting. I gave you The Common Equipment List for Making a Film before. You can see the list now one second.
The full list don’t need to buy. Because it will be more expensive for you as a new Films director.
So what you do?
You can rent some equipments as your requirements. But when you do that? Of course it will be do that before going to shooting. So it is better to rental some equipments.

  • Schedule

Which work you will done first and which one you will done last? Do you know that? Don’t know? Or don’t understand? Okay, no problem.
You need a time schedule. So make full schedule for your full shooting work and for all. It is give you a better work and save more cost and time.

  • Budgeting

You never make a film without money. So all of work will be lost without any money.
Once, you can manage your Film making money. But do you know how to organize this money? Without target, your expense will be overcome your thinking. So you need a Budgeting for every work.

So, when you get your Film Making Money, at first you must prepare your budget for every work as your full money. It will better.

Friends !
It is the first thinking about Film Making Preproduction. Hope it will be more helpful for you to make a film.

Wish you good luck.

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