How to Make A Film (Post Production)

Films Post Production

Films Post Production

Hello friends!
Today I am going to writing the next episode of How To Make A Film’s series.
Now we are stay in the end position of Film Making.
Today’s tutorial is after end of the all work of outside, I mean field work is over. Now we enter in inside work. Before I am saying something about Post Production.

What is Post Production?

When you are in Editing section with your film, this is Post Production. Or, Editing is the process of selecting, cutting and arranging the shots, scenes and sequences for the final film.

Lets go, we find out what is the full work list of Post Production?

Cleaning Up Dialogue Tracks

After finishing all of shooting, at first you need to add character’s dialogue with your Video. Its call Cleaning Up Dialogue Tracks. Other name is Dobbing.

Building Sound Tracks

Once, you need to add some Sound Tracks in your film with films environment. Think, you create a Horror scene, but you use a sound which is publish smile, then what you say about that?
So, need to Build Proper sound tracks for your film.

Sound Effects

Sometimes need some sound effects for films. When blow air in any scenery of film, then also need a blog-air-sound effects for this scenery. Then it will be perfect scenery of a film.


Music is a one of very important element of a film. Every film maker use music as there film. May be your film is about Horror, Romance, Love story, Tragedy or any one. You must need to use music in your film as a films.


When all are over, now you are ready to Mix all things. It will be a nice film after mixing all of equipments. And it will be must believable.

Its all done!
Wish you good luck for your next episode of “How to Make a Film?”

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