How to Make a Film (Index)?

How to Make A Film (index list)?

How to Make A Film (index list)?

How to Make a Film? What type of film? For what? Short Film or Long Film?
Actually it is not factor. The factor is, you need to know the basic information of Film Making. Now the question is, what is the basic information of Film Making?

Don’t know? No problem. Here I am giving you a index list of basic information of Film Making. You may say, the all of list of Film Making.


You may some research for your Film. It is very important to making a film. Research is the First Step of Film Making.


You need a script for your film. Without script or story you never think a film. So…


What is checklist? To making a film you need some crew, Actor-Actress, Costume And others Film Making Equipment. Checklist means the total equipment list.


When your Script, Film Making equipment has been ready, you may go to your shooting area. But if you develop some Demo, I mean Exercise with you crew by video camera, it will be best. Sometimes demo is the best way to making a film.


Now you can go to take shot for your film in shooting place. You know about Roll Sound, Roll Camera, Action, Cut, Pickup etc.


After taking all shot for your film, you go to your film editing section. Daubing, adding sound, sound effects add etc means Film Editing.


When your films editing will be finished, you are ready to submit your film to release office. Once it will be done!

Yea, your Film Making full index or schedule you have get. So you can go to start your work at this moment.

Wish you good luck.

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A Newbie Film Maker

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estifanos seyoum July 25, 2012 at 3:02 pm

its agood!


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