How To Make A Film (First Step of Film Making)?

I think, the first step of Movie making is Research. You may question to me, why and which type of research?
May be you are already make a research about that. But you don’t know what I say.
Okay, no problem, I am going to tell you about Research.

Filmmaking Daily Log Book

Filmmaking Daily Log Book

Research = Finding and collecting anything related to your future idle. I am clearing more about that- Find and collect anything about Film related documents like story, place, characters or anything which is need to make a movie.

Here I give you a list of a log book enlist about Film Making.

1. Books
Collect some books which is written of film making, acting, camera or related subject. Minimum dozen of books you must need. Collect and read more and more and try find out extra ordinary something. If you read this book regularly, I think you must disclose your idle.

2. Theater
Join to any one theater and try to understand what is the main of a theater. If you can, try to acting, direction or follow them. And of course watch more and more theater and research your main theme.

3. Music
Listen music? What type of music you like more? Collect your favorite music and try to understand why you like these music? And you must try to understand, what type of music you add in your film? May be you don’t know, what is the more valuable music for your film, but if you listen more and more music, you can find out your targeted music.

4. Films
Yea, this is the best valuable one- Films. You want to make a film so you must need more and more idea about film. Do you know about a real film? You ask yourself and find out a real answer. If your answer is yes, you can go to make a film or if your answer is no, please stop and try more research to make a film.

5. Art
What is Art? Actually this words have no real abbreviation or definition. The Art is art. It has no explain. You can just feel. But I have a simple definition about Art. I think, Art means Fine. What is fine that is Art. Like a nice or beautiful girl, who is like a Angel, this is Art. To make a film, you must need study about Art.

6. Newspapers
Do you read daily newspapers? You may read more and more news everyday about film and actor-actress or related one. Do you read this type of news?
Of course you need to read these type of news and most important news you may collect and put in your log book. It will be helpful for you, one day.

7. Magazines
You need some film maker magazine to read. Of course you must read these type of magazine like Filmmaker Magazine. Read regularly and collect important note in your log book from Film Magazine.

8. TV & Radio
Watch TV and listen Radio regularly. Minimum 30 minutes watch TV everyday and listen Radio minimum 15 minutes. Now you can listen FM Radio from your Mobile phone. It is the better of you.

9. Online Research
It is the day of Online. You can find out all of them from online. Just connect online with your PC or Laptop or Mobile Phone and heat any search engine. Write your requirements and heat to enter. You will get all of them just some micro seconds.

10. Personal Experience
The more important one subject is personal experience. You read book or magazine or newspapers, you may watch Movie or TV, You may listen music or Radio or anything… Once you have get some experience. You must took this experience in your personal Film Making Log book.

So friends, here is the Primary step of a Film Making. You can create a Film Making Primary log book and reach regularly this book step by step. One day you will surprise to see your log book.

Wish you good luck.

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