How to Direction to Your Actors and Others in Shooting Spot?

When you stay in shooting spot as a director, you will become a leader to your actors and crew. So you will need to know how to direction to your actors and crew. And it is very important. Because actors and crew will work as you direction. So if you cannot handle to your crew and actors then you never make a successful film.

How To Direction Your Crew and Actors in Shooting Spot

How To Direction Your Crew and Actors in Shooting Spot

How to Direction to Your Actors?

When you cast actors for your film you must inform that, you will director in this film. As this result, they will serious about you from this moment. In the shooting spot actors try to obey your command and they will curious to you.
I give you the guarantee, if your actors obey your command, your film will be successful. So you also be careful to your actors. Because if they should not out their acting then you will fail in film making sector.

How to Direction to Your Crew?

You crew is the main part of your film making team. You never make a film without your Film team. So I can say, of course you need a curious to them. A lightman, stageboy, soundman, trolleyboy, cooker, helper and etc equal are a Film making team. They are several part of Film making team. The crew, which is maintain machinery section like light, sound, camera etc.
Of course your behave will be nice and curious with them. You never avoid or ignore their speak. If you obey this rules they will be obey more and they are work your entire job properly.

How to Direction to Your Cameraman?

When you have been contacted with Cameraman, give him your screenplay? If yes nice or not don’t be late just give him your film screenplay. And say to him to read properly. After then discus with him and share your idea how to display the film? Say to him your dream, what you want in this film?
If you are success to understand to cameraman of your dream and thinking, it will be nice and your work will be decrease. So try to share more and more with your cameraman. It is the best policy to making a good film.

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