How to Cast Actor and Actress for a Film?

How to Cast Actor and Actress for a Film?

How to Cast Actor and Actress for a Film?

Acting is not as difficult as you may think. Every person born as a natural actor and play many parts on the stage of full life. So never make any tension. If you can direction with your experience and personality anyone can acting with your screenplay.

But if you want to add any celebrity in your film, you need to contact with them. How to do that?
Don’t know? No problem. Here I am going to write about that. Please follow me step by step to contact and cast an actor or an actress for your film.

How to Prepare to Contact with a Celebrity Actor or Actress

  • Call there Cell phone or Land phone and take a schedule for some times. And tell him or her what you meet with him or her?
  • Write a letter, where you say why you cast for your film? It is one kind of propose letter.
  • Take a copy of your screenplay.
  • Make a summary of your screenplay and of course highlights the character which should offer to him or her.
  • Take a time schedule of your shooting (Changeable).
  • Write down a little summary of your shooting place or places.

What type of Behave with a Celebrity Actor or Actress?

When you will meet with celebrity actor or actress as your schedule, you need maintain some formalities. Such as…

  • You must enter celebrity home or office as your schedule time and report there office PA.
  • Wait with very careful.
  • At a time, you get a call to enter celebrity actor or actress room.
  • After meet you enter your work-talk directly.
  • Give him or her your propose letter, where you write down before what you want from him or her.
  • When he or she have been finished the letter, give him or her your screenplay summary, where highlights or marking him or her character.
  • If he or she want more, than you can give your full screenplay.
  • May be he or she want to your shooting schedule. Show him or her and say, it may change if he or she want to be change.
  • And now you can show him or her of your shooting place name and short description.

Contact and Cast Him or Her

After showing him or her all type of papers you may wait. If he or she is satisfied to see your papers, he or she will want to talk with you more.
Now you can say, it will be great, if he or she will be agree to work with you. And you will be feeling proud for them.
If he or she smiling to listen you, you may proposed directly.
Once he or she will agree and may say directly him or her schedule or may say to contact with her or him PA.

It is done!
Wish you good luck.

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