How to Become a Cameraman?

How to Become a Cameraman?

How to Become a Cameraman?

A Cameraman is a very important person of a Film Team. Without a good Cameraman, A film director never think a good film. A Cameraman can add some extra scene in a film with his or her third eye.
A general person never watch a extra ordinary scene but A Cameraman catch this scene with very careful. For this reason, we can enjoy a film.

We wrote some tutorials about Camera Shot in this Blog. They are many different in every scene. Every Cameraman know this subject.

What is a Cameraman?

He or She, who can operate a Camera with his knowledge. Generally we understand, A Cameraman means a Video Cameraman. Who operate a Still Camera, he or she is a Photographer. So when we use Cameraman, this means Video or Film Cameraman.

How to Become a Cameraman?

If you think, you will be a Cameraman, you can try to do that. But, remember ! It is not a easy way. So, try to do that with very high industrious.
At first you need a camera and you need some technical base knowledge. You can take a short course on Cameraman Course. It may 3 to 6 months short course on Camera.
You can learn how to use Camera, how to take a shot, how to shoot camera, how to take long shot, short shot, zoom shot etc.
After finished the course you can make practice. Remember ! Practice makes a man perfect.

If you have chance, you can join a film team as a learner cameraman without any payment. It will be good and increase your experience.

Once, you will be a professional Cameraman and it will be very happy for you.

When you Start Your Work?

After completed your course on Camera, you can join a Film team. If you can pass some time with them, you can Start your career as a Cameraman. No need for waiting more one.

What is the Position of a Cameraman?

Nice, I am going to say about that but are you ready to start your career as a Cameraman?
You are ready?
Well, now you listen, You can huge money earn from this profession. You can start your career as freelancer or a team member of a Film Making Team.
You can earn minimum $30 per hour as a Cameraman in provision time.


Actually a Cameraman is a main character of Film Making Team. A Cameraman can change a Film history. So you can take a challenge in on this career.

Wish you good luck as Film Cameraman !

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marlon jamon May 14, 2011 at 10:20 am

i would like to avail that free training as cameraman, i am graduate of audio visual communication, what is the process to avail it?


samiulla shariff August 16, 2011 at 6:36 pm

Hi sir i am a Professional Photographer i want to know different exp osures to different shots Different speeds to different situations ,Appretures speeds used by movie cameramen i understand good about lightings i dont Know of the above i ma very obligued to have a massigha to tell me this i want to do movie shoots on films . thanks


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