Hot 4 Tips and Tricks of Film Lighting

Welcome back one time again in this blog. Now I am going to write about lighting tips and tricks of film.
Before I wrote about Film Light, Film Lighting Equipments and Film Lighting Techniques etc.
Now I give 4 hot tips and tricks of film lighting, which will increase your lighting ability and creativity.
So I hope you read this article with very careful.

Hot 4 Tips and Tricks of Film Lighting

Tips and Tricks of Film Lighting

Here are hot 4 tips and tricks of Film Lighting.

  • Read the Screenplay Properly
  • Find Out the Light Points
  • Use Mathematical Knowledge
  • Use Your Sixth Sense

Let’s go, we find details of this tips and tricks about Film Lighting.

Read the Screenplay Properly

As a Film Director, you must need to read the Screenplay at first. After read the screenplay you may find out some points- some of weak points which will flop your film and some strong points which can help to super box office hit. If you don’t understand or if you don’t find out the lists, you can’t success to make a film. So I suggest you please read the screenplay properly and find out all points.

Find Out the Light Points

After find out your lists or points you search. Search and separate lighting purposes points and study these points properly… again study and again.

Use Mathematical Knowledge

It is right and good, you have a thought how to shoot your lighting when you take shot for your film.
I suggest you; use some mathematical experiments to taking your plan of lighting. It will very helpful to take good shots. I mean in shooting time.
Famous Filmmaker Sergey Eisenstein was an Engineer. He used mathematical knowledge in his films. His invention Montage is one kind of Mathematics’ tricks. He was a successful documentary filmmaker for his Mathematical experiments in his films.

Use Your Sixth Sense

Some Famous Filmmaker said, film is a one kind of dream. To enjoying any film you are seeing a dream. So if you can to blow your watchers to a dream world with your film then you will be a successful filmmaker.

So use this technique for your watchers. But how can it possible? Listen, to create a dream world you need to use lighting shadow and system.
So blow your watchers to a dream world you can use your sixth sense in your lighting system.
Because, light and shadow is a most important work for a film.

So friends I hope you will more careful after read this lighting article when you filming.

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