History of Film or Cinema or Movie…

When made the first film?
It was 1895 and 28th December.
Who made this film?
Lumier brothers made the first film.

They are several question and answer is available, mean, we know. But do we know.
Why made this film that time? Why didn’t made before or after that time? Do you thought about this time?

Actually there is no history is appropriate. Why? Because who write this history, he or she never saw the main scenery which is going to write or have been written he or she. So she or he never can write the full history. And it is the real.
Then how can a historian write history?
He or she, who is a historian, collect much information, documents and collect many interview and proved.
After then he or she analysis these document, information and interviews. And write down which is call history.

What is history?
History is a one kind of tale. Not more than.
Is it?
Of course this is.

All times, historian writes the story of victory, not others. What is the meaning of that? Very easy and clear- History is nothing but a Story.

We know about Jeorge Eastman, Maybridge, Emil Renow, Fridgegin, Tomas Alva Edison, Lumiye Brothers (Lui Lumiye and Agust Lumiye).

What is the History of Film?

What is the History of Film?

We also know about Rene Fleyar, Lui Bunuyen, Jan Renoya, Goda, Rosolini, D Sika, Eisenstein, Puduvkin, Charlie Chaplin, Porter, Griffith, Bergman, Oju, Sattyajit Roy, Johir Rayhan, Hrittik Ghotok and etc etc.

This history is 1895 to 1990.

The first full film name is Birth of A Nation. Director or Filmmaker Griffith made this film in the year 1907 century. In this film showed, how to born a nation.

Actually our Cinema or Film or Movie’s life is very short. But it will be reach soon by our spirit, one day.

We are waiting for this day… Wish you good luck!

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