Definition of Film : What is Film?

What is Film?
I think, there are no actual definition of film. Why?
So how can I define the Film?

You may need a define of film. How can you explain the film? You may define this way, Film is a cinematographic work where you get some picture and sound with animation and multimedia work. But think, is it a real define?

What is Film?

What is Film?

Of course you say to me, absolutely not.
So how can I give you the real define? It is very painful to inform you, it is not possible to me. You may go to Google to search about this topic.
Just write define: What is Film?. You will get more and huge information and definition of film. But nothing is right point. You may understand.

Basically film is a media where you get motioned of some picture with sound and multimedia. Here is available Art, Music, Acting, Technical and all of other modern facility.

Now, what you say about film definition? I know, now you are thinking about this topic but you don’t get any real and correct answer. You will think and cross, think and cross! 😀

But if you ask me, what I think about film definition? I give you a short answer. I think, nothing is possible to definition about film.
So just say something like that- Which is help to you to explain your thinking this is call Film.

What you will say about definition of my of film? Have you any complain or suggestion or objection? If you have or if you think more than me, please put your definition below for other friend of Films Schools dot com. They will get help from your explain or definition. So you need to share your thinking. Share is one kind of help, I think.

So leave your comments below.

Wish you good luck!

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