Basic Knowledge of Script Writing

To making a film at first you need a script which is filming. So you need to write a script. As a script writer, how to write this script? Do you know? Have you any knowledge about that?
Completed a Script Writing course? Well! Nice! Superv!
Now lets go, start your script writing job with very careful. But here I am going to writing some basic knowledge of Script Writing which will helpful for newbie script writer and also for you as a script writer.

Basic Knowledge of Script Writing

Basic Knowledge of Script Writing

Basically there are no pin point of a script writing. It is not a law. It is your thinking. It is your view of point. But there are some basic points which is follow every script writer. And Hollywood script writer is the model of others script writer. So here I am going to write about Hollywood script writer style.

Generally I like the style of Billy Wilder. Scriptwriter (and also director) Billy Wilder have written several script for various types of film. Basically here, I am going to mention The Apartment. The Apartment is a real film and nice also. Of course The Apartment is a joint writing script. But the main character was Billy Wilder.

You might see the Billy Wilder’s The Apartment Script here. I think you also like his style.

Anyway, here is the main basic knowledge of Script writing.

They are 4 points of a script writing must be follow.

  • Scene & Numbering
  • Slug
  • Tag
  • Dialogue

Here I am writing a little description about these basic 4 points.

Scene & Numbering

You need some scenery for a film. They are 50 to 150 or more for a 90 to 150 minutes film. Basically one A4 size paper call just 1 minute film can output. So you need to minimum 90 to 150 A4 size paper script for a film. This is a basic count. Of course it is changeable. You need to numbering for each scene.


Slug is the most important point for a script. Because this is indicate, how, when, what to shoot. Think you catch a scene like that- Indoor, In the Home, In the bathroom of a home in day time. You write this as a slug like that- Interior | Home- Bathroom | Morning 9 AM.


You need some description before writing your dialogue. This is call Tag. Why you should this? Because to understand actor and actress movement and the situation of that position weather.
You are going to write a emotion scene for a love story. So your Tag point be like that- The girl (Sinthia) waiting to say something to her boyfriend. Her boyfriend waiting to listen that. Sinthia going to say something about their relation with a lovely propose, emotionally.


Dialogue is the most important film equipment for a film script. For a better result from a film you must to need create attractive and valuable dialogue. Here is nothing but one thing is- create your dialogue very smart but not lengthy.

Here is all. Hope you will more benefits to staying with us.

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peter kung'u ruth February 22, 2011 at 6:07 pm

I am from Kenya and i am good in creativity and my dream is to write good scripts for good films.How can you help me in that so that my dream comes true because i don’t have money to pay for studies of the course?


manoj April 2, 2012 at 12:44 pm

I am from u.p.i have write a script but i am phasing lot of can you help me i have complete script


Shailender gautam July 10, 2012 at 2:29 am

Hello Sir i want write a good script but i don’t know how i do this bcuz my family background isn’t good n im not qualified n im not verry well in english… N i know i have a good script in my mind but i want show my script of people ..could u teach me pls.. Thanks for the your help..


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