Avatar : A great Film of Films World

Avatar : Mr. James Cameron's Magin Capsul

Avatar : Mr. James Cameron's Magin Capsul

If you question to any person, do you enjoy Avatar?
He or she must surprised !

I think you know, why he or she surprised. May be you don’t know. Okay no problem. I am going to tell about that.

Avatar is a great one like a master piece of film world. I think Avatar can over come Titanic film.

Mr. James Cameron‘s thinking is also over come in this film. I really surprised when watch this film.

In this reason, in this case I enjoy this movie one more time in every week. How it possible?

Possible, where I open my Laptop for some times, I also open my movies folder and watch some part of Avatar film. I was download this Avatar film many days ago from internet via torrent. It is the best way to download film or anything from online.

Titanic also a classic and romantic film.

I must say one thousand time, Avatar is a classic, romantic, dramatic, filmstrip, pathetic, tragedy film.

But when I was listen about Oscar 2009 don’t get Avatar. I really surprised !

Actually its not a matter. Then we hope Avatar must win Oscar 2009. But its don’t get.

Okay, no problem. Mr. James Cameron don’t care this, I think. He is a great person. Great person can doing more good job.

Wish you good luck Mr. James Cameron. Hope you will done more extra ordinary work tomorrow.

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