7 Camera Height Shot Description

Camera Height Shot

Camera Height Shot

7 types of Camera Height Shot in angle of Camera. Maybe you are a Film Director or a cameraman, you must know this shot name and description. I can give you suggestion to learn more about Camera shot.

Okay I am going to tell more about Camera Shot. I try to short description bellow about Camera Height Shot.

1. Height Angle Shot
When Camera’s eye and character’s eye level is equal then this call Eye level shot. But when a character stay in down and take shot from up then it is Height Angle Shot.
To view small a shot to use this type of shot.

2. Low Angle Shot
When character stay up and camera stay down then this Low Angle Shot. to view a character shot more large use this type of shot.

3. Odd Angle Shot
When take a shot to enlarge a shot illegal then use this type of shot.

4. Top Shot
Top shot is the end of the shot of Height Angle Shot. When take a shot more up then use this type of shot. To enlarge Meeting, Strike of people use this shot.

5. Birds View Shot
Birds view shot or Eagle view shot is very far shot. When take a shot like a bird then this call Birds view shot.

6. Worms View Shot
When take a shot from foot level then use Worms View Shot.

7. Arial View Shot
Which Shot take from Airplane or Helicopter this call Arial View Shot.

Actually my english is very poor. I can’t explain what I want to describe. And it is a big problem of me. Anyway, I try to learn english. Hope I will write more tutorial what I know.

To make a Film, Camera Shot is very important one. So I hope you will read and memorized.

Wish you good luck.

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