5 Tips & Tricks about How to Write a Film Review?

May be you are a newbie film critic. And you are going to write a film review. Here is a nice tutorial or guideline for you. I have written this tutorial for you with a simple word. I think if you read these tips and tricks you will gain and you have gather ability to write a nice and attractive film review. So friends, lets go to check 5 tips and tricks about writing film review.

1. What is the Main Ethics of the Film?

After watching the film, think what is the main point of this film? At first catch this point and try to find out why the point highlight? If you can catch this point your review will complete 50%. Because every script writer and filmmaker or director want to show their ethics to people.

2. Story and Characters Dialogue

Yea, another big point is story. If the film story is not so good think it is not a good film. And find out some dialogue. What type of dialogue present in this film? Because without attractive dialogue never possible to show a nice film.

3. Lights, Costume and Sets

Of course you find out the weak and light point of lights, costume and sets designs. Write about their view point and power point. If you catch these points you can write a success film review.

4. Script, Screenplay and Cinematography

What type of script, how is the screenplay and what type of Cinematography used in this film? Watch and make decision about this subject. Everything is okay but Cinematography is problem then you make understand, this film is not right.

5. Who is the Director of this Film?

All is well! See the name of film director. Every filmmaker or directors have a known point. He or She makes his or her film in his or her own way. So try to understand the work of the films director criteria. If you analyze properly of his or her work you can make a good and valuable review for this film.

Wish you good luck!

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