34 Shot Name of A Film : You Must Need

Many types of Film Shot

Cameraman Ready to Take A Shot

They are many type or category of Shot. Shot means to catch a scene in a camera in a minimum time. Many type shot and many type names there. I collect 34 shot name for you. I think you get more one from here.
But remember ! Short Note and Shot are not equal word or anything.
And also remember…

Frame >> Shot >> Scene >> Sequence = Film

Now I give you here 34 Shot name. I think increased your thinking of dictionary after read this tutorial or article.

1. Close up Shot
2. Big Close up Shot
3. Mid Shot
4. Mid Long
5. Long Shot
6. Extreme Long
7. Two Shot
8. Over Shoulder
9. Group/Composition
10. Crowed Shot
11. Master Shot
12. High angle Shot
13. Low angle Shot
14. Odd angle Shot
15. Top angle Shot
16. Bird’s view Shot
17. Worm’s view Shot
18. Arial view Shot
19. Panning (Fast/Slow) Shot
20. Tilting (Up/Down) Shot
21. Zooming (in/out) Shot
22. Tracking Shot
23. Crane Shot
24. Dolly Shot
25. Hand Held Shot
26. Slow Motion Shot
27. Fast/Quick Motion Shot
28. Stop Motion Shot
29. Internal/External Shot
30. Flash back Shot
31. Freeze Shot
32. Deep Focus Shot
33. Compound Shot
34. Mise-en-Scene

So friends, soon I will write about details these Shot. I think you will be more benefit today and tomorrow.

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