3 tricks to Get Nice Camera Shot

Camerashot Tricks & Tips

Camerashot Tricks & Tips

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Today I am going to write something about on a nice topic- Camera Shot. May be you are a newbie or a specialist on Camera & Camera Shot. But I believe if you follow just 3 points, when you take shot in your camera, you must gain.
Gain means you able to take your dream shot.

So why you late or miss? Just read only one time, you will learn for life time. And if you remember my tricks of course you will be gain.

So lets go, we try to find out the points.

1. Put Your Camera on Right Position

When you are ready to take shot, at first check your camera position, not your actress or actor. It is duty of director. So check your camera position and be sure everything is okay.

2. Call Your Assistant and Suggest Him/Her

Without a good assistant you never take a good shot. So he or she is the important person of you. Give him or her importance and discus with him or her properly. Check, he or she is available when you start take shot.

3. Listen Your Director

Never take a single shot without director permission. He or She is the most powerful person on your set. Never under estimate him or her. And remember, a good Cameraman must obey the director direction. Listen him or her and try to do directly as her direction. If you have any query or suggestion, leave politely.

This is all.
Have a nice time. Fans, don’t forgive me. I am trying to write regularly. Thanks to all.

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