11 Very Important Shot of Camera

11 Very Important Camera Shot of A Film

11 Very Important Camera Shot of A Film

Shot is equal of some frame of a film or movie. Each frame is a image. They are several types of shot are available in side of image scale or Image size shot.
Some image is up and some is down. Some is mid or mid long shot. Every director like to play with various type of image size shot.

Here I wrote 11 types of image scale shot or image size shot. Read with very careful, I can give you a guarantee to learn more.

Okay, I am going to tell about 11 wanna types of image scale or image size shot of movie camera.

1. Close Up Shot (CS)
Close up shot is heat to chess size shot. If take a shot of a man then her head to chess scale is Close up shot.
Famous director Carl Dreyar use this type of shot his movie The passion of Joan of Arc. He take huge Close up shot of this movie’s main actress. So this film is a example of close up shot.

2. Big Close Up Shot (BC)
When take a shot from more near then it is Big Close Up Shot. Only Face, Eye, water of eye, Nose, Water of Nos is an example of Big Close Up Shot.
Big Close Up Shot’s another name is Extreme Close Up Shot. To more clear take shot is Big Close Up Shot.

3. Mid Shot (MS)
Close Up Shot is more far shot. Example- When take a shot of a man’s head to foot, then it is Mid Shot. Mid shot is a important shot of Film World. To disclose a full scenery, take this type of shot.

4. Mid Long Shot (ML)
Mid Long Shot is between Mid shot and Long shot.

5. Long Shot (LS)
When a scenery disclose with besides scenery’s environment this call Long Shot. When take this type of shot of course take with foreground and background. Long Shot’s another name is Establishing Shot.

6. Extreme Long Shot (ELS)
When take a shot from more or huge far, this call Extreme Long Shot or ELS. Scenery increase from small to big to use this type of Shot. At first this type of shot disclose Lawrence of Arabia’s Movie in 1962.

7. Two Shot (TS)
When take a shot from some people and different two person from this people, this call Two Shot. To difference of two persons talk to use this shot.

8. Over The Shoulder Shot (OS)
When take a shot besides a character’s over the shoulders then this call Over The Shoulders Shot.

9. Composition Shot (CS)
When take a shot to target one or two characters then this call Composition shot. This type of shot another name is Group Shot.

10. Crowd Shot
Bus Station, Railway station, Bazar, Fair, Meeting or this type of shot is Crowd Shot.

11. Master Shot (MS)
When a director try to view a full scenery of a environment with some characters and their movement then this call is Master Shot or MS.

So friends, hope you get some more information. Please write us if you feel any problem. We try to solve you. Please don’t feel hesitate to write use.

Wish you good luck.

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Hi, Thanks for the kind information/direction on film making, I’m an Afghan citizen and want to learn video recoding, my job is to go on events and trainings and do film recording so in the month March we have a study tour and I my office want me to make a documentary so I need your help how to start and how to do it.



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